About Fubuki Sushi

What does Fubuki mean?

The Japanese word Fubuki translates into Snowstorm or blizzard in english. And so, in honor of the snow gods.. we have humbly named our venture "Snowstorm" Sushi.

About Sushi

While many believe sushi is raw fish, it's important to note that sushi doesn't even have to contain fish at all. Granted, fish and seafood, especially raw or cured fish, is one of the most popular ingredients in sushi, but it is not necessary.

Sushi actually is characterized by a slightly sweet, sticky rice, made with a sweet vinegar and rice combination, usually lined with seaweed or kelp, called nori, and then the ingredients are placed in the center and the rice and seaweed are wrapped around the ingredients into a cylindrical roll. Once the sushi is rolled, it can be cut into the familiar circles served.


Some possible ingredients for a sushi include fish (cooked, steamed, raw or cured), seafood, and both raw and steamed vegetables. In North America, other ingredients can be found in restaurants including pieces of beef, avocado, pickles, pimento, cheeses and more.

As you can see, while sushi can contain raw fish, sushi itself is not actually raw fish. Once you realize this, you can probably find a sushi version to suit your tastes and sample real sushi, without worrying about eating raw fish (sashimi).